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Slow Retrieve As Temperatures Drop

Report Date: February 1, 2016

Winter time fishing or somedays what I call 'Florida Ice Fishing,' as the cold fronts move through on a weekly basis. Water temperatures drop into the upper 50's which can result in slow days as the fish can be a little lethargic.

Working your bait slow on the bottom is key to more strikes and in shallow water using top water lures with the 'walk the dog retrieve' is what I like the best, pausing every once in a while can yield some really nice fish but don't set the hook until you feel the fish. As most of the time, the fish will miss it on the first try.

Pay attention to Mullet schools as fish can hang around with them, especially Redfish. On these winter negative tides, focus on channels, potholes and depressions where fish will sit waiting for the incoming tide before they push up on to the flats. Power plant out flows can be good place to look for fish as some warmer water is released drawing fish to the area.

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