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Snook, Trout And Cobia

Report Date: April 7, 2015

April's one of my favorite months to fish, weathers not too hot, but the fishing is. Snook are moving out in droves to area bridges, passes and beaches. These fish are ready to eat and white bait has been the go-to bait on a 2/0 circle hooks, with 20 to 40 lb. fluorocarbon leaders. Fish in the 25 to 30 inch size have been common, with bigger fish in the mix. If you are sight fishing these snook, a careful quiet approach is key.

Getting out of the boat and wading up to them can be extremely effective. Present the bait up current of the fish and let the moving water bring your bait towards the fish. Landing your bait too close will most likely spook them shutting those fish down.

Moving water is always a plus for a better bite. Redfish are stacking up around docks and mangroves. High to outgoing tides have been best. If the water is too high to get your bait way up in the mangroves, wait for the tide to drop more to pull those fish closer to the edge, making them an easier target. Green backs, shrimp and cut bait have been working consistently on 2/0 circle hooks with 20 lb. fluorocarbon leaders.

The trout bite has been still consistent with fish in the 15 to 22 inch range, and an occasional 25"+ in the mix. Top-water early in the morning or with 1/8 ounce jig head and MirrOlure Lil John in the shrimp pattern worked slowly on the bottom where grass meets sand holes. Drifting across the grass flats works well to initially find them. Then you can talon down and fan cast the area for more fish.

Cobia have made their appearance on to the flats in 2 to 5 ft. of water. Try trolling slowly and look for the big stingrays - its commonplace to find cobia riding their backs for a free meal. Once located, try not to spook the ray as the cobia will follow him where ever he goes. My go-to lure is 1/4 ounce jig head with a rubber eel. It allows you do get distance and accuracy as you sometimes get only one shot. Pinfish and whitebait are also favorites of the cobia!

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